ora-39908: Index %s.%s in tablespace %s enforces primary constraints %s of table %s.%s in tablespace %s.

Cause: Informational message to describe a failure during transportable containment checking.
Action: None required.

El índice %s.%s del tablespace %s aplica las restricciones primarias %s de la tabla %s.%s del tablespace %s.
L'index %s.%s dans le tablespace %s impose les contraintes primaires %s de la table %s.%s dans le tablespace %s.
Index %s.%s in Tablespace %s erzwingt Primary Constraints %s von Tabelle %s.%s in Tablespace %s.
O índice %s.%s no tablespace %s impõe as restrições principais %s da tabela %s.%s no tablespace %s.
ora-23465 ora-32334